Meet Vume360

Remote Work Acceptance and QA Solution
Telecom – Solar – Wind

Use Cases:

Site Audits & Quality Assurance

The Vume360 solution makes site audits and QA inspections easy by rolling all these function into one simple application. Your internal inspectors and external contractors can download the app into their Apple or Android device and start using it immediately.

Unlimited video and photo capture capabilities, driven by internal carrier workflows, deliver best in class evidence gathering functionality.

Video Closeout

The Vume360 solution fully automates Video Closeout functions. This workflow-driven solution is best in its class. It can support steaming video or offline video capture, and script driven, single-user workflow. There is no need for additional data processing after the site visit. Best of all, the solution is built to be used with or without remote supervisor participation, which in turn can reduce your closeout cost by half.

Contractor Self Inspection

With Vume360, contractors download the app and immediately begin self-certifying on the conformance of their work to your established standards. But best of all, they will be able to provide high-quality photographic and videographic evidence. 

Our partners deploy Contractor Self Inspection function to enforce “first-time-right” methodology.

Contractor Deficiency Management

The Vume360 includes automated workflow that ensures that all deficiencies and issues get directed to the right contractor, with the specific instructions on what needs doing ,including high-definition photos and videos of the problem.
When the contractor gets to the site and completes corrective work, they report on what they have done, right in the app, and provide evidence with multimedia content.

Automated Report Sharing

The Vume360 solution generates full reports, including high resolution multimedia content, automatically as soon as the work is complete. Using our workflow, you can effortlessly handle distribution of the reports to the employees who need them, immediately.

We deploy proprietary modules to provide easy access to multimedia content. For example, user reviewing hard copy of the report can easily access included video content using our “paper-to-video” features.

Network Asset State

Implementing the Vume360 solution gives you a fine-grained view of your network assets. High Definition images and videos are delivered to the cloud with time-stamps and GPS coordinates. You know in real-time exactly what’s where, and can fully integrate this information with your other Asset systems.

Network asset condition data is always up-to-date, and available to anyone in your team with access to the internet.

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